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Из Британских "10 мифов о ПМВ".
2. Most soldiers died
In the UK around six million men were mobilised, and of those just over 700,000 were killed. That's around 11.5%.
In fact, as a British soldier you were more likely to die during the Crimean War(1853-56) than in WW1.

Мне последние года полтора приходится много ездить по Британии. Сильно поражает количество вских стелл и памятных досок, посвященных крымской войне, у нас практически не известной.

4. The upper class got off lightly

Although the great majority of casualties in WW1 were from the working class, the social and political elite were hit disproportionately hard by WW1. Their sons provided the junior officers whose job it was to lead the way over the top and expose themselves to the greatest danger as an example to their men.

Some 12% of the British army's ordinary soldiers were killed during the war, compared with 17% of its officers. Eton alone lost more than 1,000 former pupils - 20% of those who served.

Обсуждали некоторое время назад.
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